Hello And Welcome To Blessing Others

We are Blessing Others a group of like-minded online entrepreneurs who believe that when you bless others you will receive a blessing in return. In addition, here are a few other great reasons to join our opportunity.

With a Comp Plan built to last, this is one you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!
►Built-in PIF Position every time someone cycles Level 3&5 to prevent stalling and create spillover
►Very low $10 Entry Fee
►Withdrawals Every Tuesday and Friday
►Everyone who joins will have 2 people placed under them
►A joint project from some of the biggest leaders in the industry today!
►Multiple ways to pay and receive withdrawals

P.S.  Allow me to Pay It Forward and I will send the $10 entry fee to Blessing Others for you. Here is what you do.

1. Sign up on my Blessing Others referral page with your username and a valid email. Click the Big Red Click Here For More Information Button below.
2.  Shoot me a text message at 215.929.8857  and say >> "I Joined" 
3. I will look for your username and email in my back office
4. Then I will purchase 1 position on your behalf and email the admin to inform them I am Paying It Forward for this member.
5. An email will be sent from me to you letting you know you have been blessed in Blessing Others and to log in to your back office to check your status.

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